For Lawyers in Government

Innocenti Partners specializes in working with highly placed government attorneys who are interested in a move to private practice.  We have extensive experience in Antitrust, White Collar, Privacy and Cyber Security and Securities Litigation.  Because we have worked so extensively in this area, we know what the market is relative to compensation.  Having recent, relevant comparables ensures that our government attorneys are appropriately valued in their new firm.  We also track how the market changes, advising on timing of coming out to market, development of a business plan and how to ensure your public service experience is valued appropriately in the private sector.  We help manage the timing of the process, the many logistics, and prepare our government candidates for each meeting.  We are able to assess culture fit, practice fit and integration of government attorneys into private practice.  Government attorneys we have placed have said they underestimated the intensity of the process, and that they couldn’t have done it without us.  References are available in this practice area.

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