For Partners

Innocenti Partners is an elite legal recruiting team focused on placing partners at the top of their profession.  Our reputation for excellence, discretion and access to decision makers makes us trusted advisors to law firm partners.  We help evaluate your practice and market position before, during and after placement.  We advise you on future trends, assess your compensation in conjunction with the current regional pay scale, and offer ongoing market intelligence.

Our guidance extends beyond partner placement; we are career advisors.  Many partners we represent have known and trusted us for our insight within the legal field, often for years.  Partners seek our guidance as they maneuver through all stages of their career, including compensation analysis, practice trends, market changes and positioning for leadership.  With us, you do your diligence, you become informed, and we never pressure you to make decisions that you are uncomfortable with.  When there are fundamental reasons to move, we work quickly and discreetly.  We have placed complex groups with many moving parts in a matter of a few of months.

Innocenti Partners also specializes in technology and life science-related practices, placing women partners and representing highly placed government attorneys into private practice.

As a law firm partner, you can expect the following from us:

  • Honest assessment of your situation, which may include suggesting you stay at your current firm
  • Current, behind the scenes market intelligence
  • Due diligence on law firms to help you decide whether to look and if so, where
  • Business plan development; particularly important for government lawyers moving to private practice
  • Navigating conflict questions
  • Preparing for and debriefing after interviews
  • Designing the right interview schedule
  • Assessing cultural fit
  • Diligence, or Lateral Partner Form support
  • Timely, accurate scheduling
  • Negotiating compensation where appropriate

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